Analysis of Patent Management on Health Care Product: Information of Electrocardiograph Devices


  • Tommy Hendrix Center for Innovation-Indonesian Institute of Sciences
  • Firman Tri Ajie
  • Anang Hidayat


Electrocardiograph Devices, Health Care Product, Information, Patent Management


Development of health care product nowadays becomes primer uses to support levelness of heart disease. A dynamic system of usefulness has referred to a potential market that occurs as a complementary effort in the health sector. Differentiation of product devices especially for electronic cardiograph has many impacts on technology innovation, in term of market-oriented. Analysis patent management is used as a tool to see technology that has already performed and is also used by industries, based on capturing market needs, to deliver more competitiveness model of the product. This paper aims to find relevant information through a database of an international patent on health care products for market orientation through the portfolio, licensing, status, competitor, innovation, and monitoring emerging market with the patent database that registered on World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The methodology that applies in paper using software Total Patent to see more information related on the utilization of electronic cardiograph devices such as potential useful through leading patent-issuing authorities with composition results 247 documents of 113,612,014 patents that registered. The results showed that most of the inventions and patent applicants and beneficiaries are from the United States, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and the captive market distributed in Asian and South American area.




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