Message from the Guest Editor


  • Tan Fee Yean


Human resources (HR) play a key role in an organisation, even determining the organisation’s success, survival, and progress. Therefore, HR is one of the most valuable components of any firm, which is why investment in HR is an imperative action to ensure continuous prosperity in a dynamic environment. However, the field of human resource management (HRM) has changed dramatically in the 21st century owing to globalisation and the 4th industrial revolution (IR 4.0). These changes have made the task of managing HR more uncertain and unpredictable by requiring organisations to not only act locally, but also think globally beyond physical boundaries. In such new environments, HRM is now more vital and critical to the success of an organisation, while HR functions are becoming crucial and inseparable components of the organisation. Having been accepted as a mechanism that leads to success, HR functions such as recruitment and selection, training and development, performance evaluation, compensation, occupational safety and health, and industrial relations should be viewed from a holistic perspective instead of being considered mere additions to conventional functional and strategic perspectives. Consequently, the management of HR should be understood through this new viewpoint and should adopt new approaches that differ from traditional HRM. Organisations are thus required to embrace new strategies in managing its diverse people with varying interests, needs, expectations, and demands. In view of this, the present special issue wishes to make empirical contributions in this field that enable an organisation to configure its resource base so that it can substantially contribute by matching the heterogeneous demands of different dynamic environments. In this special issue, readers will learn about the nexus between HR practices and the achievement of organisational objectives through a number of issues that are foremost for the practice of people management.




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